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The AOJ Chinese edition (the Chinese edition of Annals of Joint) is a Chinese-language column that addresses the growing need for trusted medical information in China. The initiative of the AOJ Chinese edition aims to raise awareness of medical advances among clinicians through translated content, enhancing the links between Chinese scientists and the international medical community.

The translation of a selection of full-text content from AOJ applies rigorous standards to ensure accuracy and quality control. The AOJ Chinese edition will deliver the quality clinical and scientific content to the Chinese medical and clinical research community.


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美国全膝关节置换术(total knee arthroplasty,TKA)和全髋关节置换术(total hip arthroplasty,THA)手术量不断增加,伴随着并发症包括关节假体周围感染(periprosthetic joint infection,PJI)的数量也逐渐增加。


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经过半个世纪的发展,全髋关节置换术(Total Hip Arthroplasty, THA)目前已成为兼顾疼痛缓解、经济成本效益和临床疗效三个方面最成功的骨科手术之一。